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Who is SNIP?

There is a dog and cat overpopulation crisis in Collier County. The most effective and humane way to address the pet overpopulation crisis is through community spay/neuter programs, combined with public awareness and education. SNIP Collier is the solution to this problem in Collier County, Florida. We offer low cost and free dog and cat spay/neuter to those who would otherwise be unable or unwilling to sterilize their companion animals.

What makes SNIP Collier different is that we personally reach out to the communities most in need. We meet the people, help educate them and promote proper pet care and sterilization. All vets, clinics and shelters offer spay/neuter, but we have proven that if you go out in the field, people want help, they just won’t always go and seek it out, especially at the prices offered at veterinary offices. We find that most of the time dogs are not spayed/neutered because their owners do not have transportation, or the financial means to afford the procedure. We provide both.

Through our partnership with Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Meyers, FL, we have been able to grow our not-for-profit by also offering animal surrender for owners that are not able to care for their dogs, and a mom/puppy foster program, where an owner’s pregnant or nursing dog is put into a foster home with GCHS until her puppies are weaned. Once the puppies are weaned, they are spayed/neutered and put up for adoption at Gulf Coast Humane Society and the mom is spayed and returned to her family. This program has been incredibly successful. We of course always prefer to spay a dog before she has a litter, but that is not always possible.

Spay and neuter is the solution. We are ambassadors for adoption and rescue, but for every dog adopted from a shelter, there are 20 more behind them. We cannot adopt our way out of pet overpopulation. Adopting will not end the overpopulation crisis. The only way to limit the number of strays on the streets, dogs being surrendered and given away, and overcrowded shelters, is to spay/neuter all of our dogs and prevent unwanted litters.

The SNIP Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic

SNIP Collier just opened our first Low-Cost Clinic in Collier County, to help control the problem of animal overpopulation. In addition to spay and neuter, SNIP also provides basic pet health maintenance, care for minor injuries and illnesses, at affordable cost. Our clinic serves pet owners that cannot afford proper care. It will also allows us to help the various TNR programs for cats in our county and provide TNR services to rural areas of our county.

Our dedicated team works day and night to make a difference and we won’t stop until the dogs and cats of our community are no longer suffering. The need is great and our passion for this cause is unparalleled. SNIP operates entirely by volunteers who go above and beyond every day to rescue animals in desperate conditions.

Spay and neuter services remain our mission, as it is the only way to humanely control the population and end suffering for homeless dogs and cats. SNIP also rescues strays and assists economically stressedpeople requiring medical assistance for their pets.

We leave you with this…when Tom Kepp started, he knew the only way to effectuate change was to get out in the field, talk to people, help their pets, and educate them. Because of his hands-on approach, SNIPearned the community’s trust. A few years ago, Tom was at our monthly spay and neuter day in Immokalee and a woman approached him, let’s call her Mrs. D. She owned three dogs SNIP was neutering for her.Mrs. D handed Tom a plastic bag full of quarters and said, “Thank you for what you are doing. It isn’t much, but it’s all I can give. I want to donate to someone who is out here making a difference every day.” That struck a chord with Tom, with all of us. Mrs. D and her pets are why we do what we do; loving pet owners needing help caring for animals. The need has always been great, but now more than ever.

If you have any questions about our operation, please feel free to contact Tom Kepp at 239.825.5834. You can also learn more about SNIP Collier on Facebook our website.

Thank you.

Our Mission & Goal:

  • Mission: To provide Spay & Neuter services to the most impoverished communities in Collier County, Florida.
  • Goal: To end the euthanizing of otherwise adoptable dogs and cats, due to the pet overpopulation crisis, and to control the feral cat population.


# of dogs spayed/neutered

  • 2013 – 35 dogs (as Tom Kepp Spay & Neuter)
  • 2014 – 45 dogs (as Tom Kepp Spay & Neuter)
  • 2015 – 204 dogs
  • 2016 – 320 dogs
  • 2017 – 415 dogs
  • 2018 – 565 dogs
  • 2019 – 670 dogs
  • 2020 – 754 dogs